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by Denise Mutton


Making stuffed animals for little ones is lots of fun and these cute and colourful elephant free soft toy sewing patterns is perfect!

You Will Need:


1. Trace off the patterns and use to cut out 2 x A (body), 2 x B (head and trunk), 2 x C (legs) from one fabric, and 4 x D (ear) and 1 x E (tail) from a contrasting fabric. Fold your fabrics in half before pinning patterns in place and cutting out (to ensure pattern pieces are reversed as necessary).

2. When sewing your fabric pieces together, always have the right sides of the fabric facing. Before turning sewn fabric pieces through to the right side, snip curved seams close to the stitching line taking care not to cut through the sewn stitches.

3. Turn a narrow hem on the long ends of the tail, fold wrong sides facing to bring the hemmed edges together and sew. Knot one end.

4. Using D, cut two ears from interlining. Place two patterned fabric ear pieces together, right sides facing and sandwich an interlining in between. Sew around the curved edges only; turn through and press. Pin an ear to each body piece, aligning raw edges and sew in place.

5. Tack (baste) the legs to the body and sew. Now sew the leg sections together along the straight edge.

6. Sew the head/trunk sections to the body, taking care to keep the legs out of the way. Pin the tail in place facing inwards, and sew the sides together stitching only up to where the legs are sewn – leave a gap for stuffing. Turn right side out, firmly stuff and ladder stitch to close gap. Sew on button eyes.


  1. june wilk (1 year ago)

    such a cute toy. I love it. I try to make soft toys to donate each year and this is just perfect. Thaks so much for the pattern.

  2. Emma (8 months ago)

    A fabulous pattern and free! Thank you so much x

  3. Louise (8 months ago)

    Thanks for the free pattern. After quite a few wrong turns I made it! And it’s very cute indeed, and simple, now that I know how.

    Just one thing that is incorrect in the pattern – you don’t sandwich the interfacing between the 2 ear pieces, you place the 2 ear pieces right side together, and then you place the interfacing on top, stitch all together, and then, when you turn then out, the interfacing is sandwiched in-between. Then you press.

    If you’re giving this as a gift to a baby or toddler, I wouldn’t use buttons for eyes. You could do a little french knot instead.

    Thanks again, I’m definitely going to make this cute little guy again!

  4. Jenny Turner (7 months ago)

    I loved the little elephant but when I tried to download the pattern, only 1/2 was there.

  5. Crafty Jen (7 months ago)

    The elephant pattern is split over 2 pages. If you scroll down in the PDF you’ll find the other pattern pieces.

  6. Suzanne (6 months ago)

    Hi, I’m a beginner and I got really confused where it says to sew straight edge of leg sections together, anyone please help thanks

    • Crafty Jen (5 months ago)

      The leg pieces are for the insides of the legs, so you’ll need to line up a leg piece with each body piece and sew these together with the right sides of the fabric facing each other. Then sew the two leg pieces together in the middle – the straight line refers to the top of the leg pieces.

  7. NewToSew (5 months ago)

    Hi, Is this best hand sewn or machine sewn? I assume we add allowance for seam allowance?

    • Crafty Jen (5 months ago)

      The elephant shown in the picture has been machine sewn, but you can do either according to your preference. Seam allowance is included within the pattern pieces.

  8. Elizabeth (5 months ago)

    Hello! i just tried printing this and it is printing the 2 pages, but it is NOT printing the tail and the Head and trunk. It prints the words “Tail (E)” and “Head and trunk (B)” and the legs and ears but not the outline of the tail and trunk. weird! :(

  9. Elizabeth (5 months ago)

    I saved the PDF to my desk top and printed just the 2nd page and got a very faint dashed line / thin double lined (?) outline of the tail and head/trunk so this will do. still, weird! :) Thanks for the awesome patterns!

    • JBrooks (5 months ago)

      Hi Elizabeth,

      I’m sorry to hear you are having trouble printing the pattern – that error does sound very odd! I have just downloaded this and printed it here in the office to test, and my patterns are printing okay. What software are you using to view and print the PDF?

      Many thanks,

      – James
      @Stitch Craft Create

  10. Emma R (5 months ago)

    Thank-you so much for this pattern. I’ve made three of these now. My latest one I scaled the PDF to 200% and made a big one to give as a Christmas gift.

    They really are gorgeous when made.

  11. Mary A (2 months ago)

    not sure how to attach the inside of the leg fabric??

    • Crafty Jen (2 months ago)

      Sew the leg pieces to the body with the right sides of the fabric facing each other. Sew the two leg pieces together in the middle in the same way before turning out – the ‘straight edge’ refers to the top of the leg pieces. Hope that helps!

  12. Pat P (2 months ago)

    I started with one little gray fleece elephant and loved him. So then I made a hot pink fleece Mama Elephant. To this I added a large (white, of course) fleece Papa elephant. I embroidered the eyes, and added snaps to the trunks and tails, to enable an elephant parade display. Then I used the pattern as an applique in white set on the gray fleece, as a blanket. I backed it with a sweet pink, gray, and white flannel. It makes a beautiful gift. I will post a picture next time I’m on, using my I-Pad. Thank you so much for this adorable and easy pattern.

  13. Beth (1 month ago)

    How much fabric will I need thanks

    • Crafty Jen (1 month ago)

      One quarter metre of each fabric should be enough.


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